KMS for Radeon HD 3200 (RS780)

With 2.6.32 it’s now also possible for r6xx/r7xx radeon cards to use kernel based mode switching.

First you have to emerge a 2.6.32 kernel:

doep ~ # emerge -av vanilla-sources

After oldconfig let’s enable “staging drivers” and “Enable modesetting on radeon by default (NEW)” in the device drivers section. And don’t forget to remove any framebuffer. You have also to remove the framebuffer boot options in your boot loader config. Then compile the kernel and boot it without vesa command line options. If you have an AGP card it’s a good idea to add this boot option: radeon.agpmode=-1

hmm.. kms works, so I have an resolution of 1920×1200 px while booting, but when my X starts, the screen is completely white. On my notebook kms works fine with a rv350 chip.

I had to use the radeon drivers: x11-drivers/xf86-video-ati to get it working.

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